Dear Supporters of Umicon,

It is with heavy heart that I must announce the cancellation of Umicon 2016.

Before I address the reasons for the cancellation, let me make clear to all of those who purchased tickets as an attendee or booths/tables as vendors, Yes there will be a full refund of your purchase. Full breakdown of refunds will be at the end.

Umicon would have been five years old this year. I purchased the show last year from the original owner with the hopes of growing Umicon, capitalizing on what had worked for its first three years while at the same time trying to work out kinks.

Umicon 2015 was overall a success, but it had its share of problems, including a literal last minute cancellation of one of the featured celebrity guests just 24 hours before we were to open to the public.

This year, I’m not going to lie we had a lot of issues behind the scenes. I will do my best to explain as much as possible.

Starting with vendors, we reached out to more vendors this year than we had ever before and still were dangerously low on the numbers.

Guests were no easy task this time around either spotty communication that could often times take weeks to find out even the most basic of things. Witch in turn cost us dividend on the publicity side.

Most importantly, we had pre-sold barely over 30 tickets to the convention itself.

I paid for a marketing firm to help promote and brand Umicon this year, only for them to not perform, even though they were paid a sizable fee.

I have been trying every angle and trick in the book that I know how to try and overcome all of these shortcomings so as to not let the fans, vendors and guests down. With three weeks to go, it has become incredibly clear that there is no path forward this year without sacrificing all possibilities of having a future.

In the past couple of years, there have been an explosion of the amount of comic cons that have popped in seemingly every part of the country.  Some have said it is a saturation.  The proof of this is in seeing juggernauts like Wizard World going from a 300% first quarter profit in 2014 to millions of dollars in losses in the first quarter of 2016 and over half a dozen cities and a cruise cancelled from their schedule.

Increasingly, the norm for comic cons is price increases and celebrity guests that are charging fees that rival a car payment or a week’s worth of wages.

My goal for Umicon has always been to keep prices low and offering fans the ability to attend without emptying their bank accounts.

All of this aside, my biggest concern is how I have let those who supported Umicon down. Especially this close to the show. And again, I take full responsibility.

Thank you for all your support and everything you do for the community. I’d also like to thank you for having taken the time out of your day to read this letter.

Please bear with us as refunds will be going out in waves on a first in first out basis. Meaning if you paid in January you’ll be refunded prior to someone who booked later in the year. This will apply to both tickets and venders. Refunds will be going out over the next couple of months please be patient through this proses.

If you have any further questions regarding refunds please do not hesitate send an email to


Sincerely, Rich